Our ALGENT division is developing farm-based algae cultivation systems coupling water remediation with unparalleled biomass production for use in bio-products such as bioplastics, biofuels, feeds, fibers and fertilizers.

Water Remediation
ALGIX is targeting agricultural operations, such as livestock farms and dairies, as a source of low-cost nutrients for high productivity aquatic biomass cultivation. Using our proprietary cultivation processes, we can produce an order of magnitude more biomass than conventional terrestrial crop production, such as corn or soy, in the same footprint. ALGENT’s bioremediation system takes farm effluents and uses microorganisms to convert organics into natural gas and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide and treated effluent stream is then used to grow algae on a production system designed for easy harvestability and high growth rates. The wastewater treatment results in an additional product stream of algae biomass which is harvested, dried and processed depending on the down-stream end-use application.

System Engineering
The system engineering for the bioremediation of fertilizer-rich agricultural effluents will require additional infrastructure to scale up livestock farms into biorefineries. ALGENT is working to design and deploy the on-farm infrastructure necessary to achieve the efficient production of aquatic biomass for bioenergy and bioplastic applications. ALGENT is working with several collaborators with a variety of expertise and will integrate these skills sets for the development of farm-based biorefineries.