ALGIX, LLC has partnered with the University of Georgia and Kimberly-Clark to commercialize the cultivation of aquatic biomass, such as algae, as a feedstock for bioplastic conversion.  ALGIX is targeting agricultural operations, such as livestock farms and dairies, as a source of low-cost nutrients for high productivity aquatic biomass cultivation. Additionally, Algix is developing customized bioplastic formulations for industrial, commercial and retail applications.

ALGENT, a division of ALGIX, is aimed at deploying the on-farm infrastructure necessary to achieve wastewater treatment integrated to the production of aquatic biomass for bioenergy and bioplastic applications at dairies across the country.

ALGANIX, a division of ALGIX, produces bio-resins derived from algae that has been grown and harvested using the ALGENT farming methods.  ALGANIX is targeting the polymerization of the protein-rich algal biomass using thermomechanical processing for injection molding grade bioresins.