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Automotive Molds

When consistency and quality matter, your automotive components that needs automotive molds.  Because we recognize our responsibility to the people who use these products, we have invested heavily in the latest closed loop manufacturing equipment. This ensures unsurpassed part consistency within exceptionally tight molding tolerances -as low as ±0.001. In addition, by employing advanced robotics, […]

Die Cast Dies

CNM Tech Mold manufactures high quality complete aluminum and zinc die casting dies. Our professional engineers optimize the latest in CAD/CAM software to develop aluminum and zinc die cast dies from both 2D and 3D part designs. From design to final product is a disciplined integrated manufacturing process resulting in a high quality finished product. […]

Metal Injection Molds

MIM and CIM technologies produces the highest quality finished metal and ceramic components by molding metal alloy powder as if it were plastic. High-precision components are molded, often faster and at significant cost savings when compared to alternate methods. GC Mold has been designing and manufacturing high quality high tolerance metal injection molding (MIM) and […]

PLASTIC Mold Development

We build a broader range of palstic molds for a broader range of industries than most of our competitors, and the technology exchange gives us a diversity not found elsewhere .The philosophy of competing is what has made us the best at what we do. A total awareness of what our customers require to bring […]

Plastic Injection Molds

With over 35 years experience in plastic injection molding, Harrington Mold has the experience and know-how to be your plastic injection molding partner. All of our plastic injection molds meet or exceed industry standards for quality. It’s all about teamwork at GC Mold. GC Mold’s in-house talent can help take your project from rough idea […]

Plastic Molding

We have full service capabilities including mold making and plastic molding manufacturing, and a comprehensive mold management and mold maintenance program. Offering full mold design and plastic molding services, our advanced facility is equipped with automated, three axis, VMC centers and sinker EDM’s. we can generate the models for you – we will generate a […]