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Standing High Speed Hair Dryer

What is a standing hairdryer exactly? A standing hair dryer is a hair appliance that has a helmet-shaped hood on top supported by a stand. In the hood, there are ventilators and chambers that allow it to blow hot or cold air depending on the settings. a standing high speed hair dryer will be a […]

Ceramic hair straightener

Olayer is wholesale flat irons manufacturer that make 1 inch ceramic hair straighteners & ceramic hair styling irons and has reached this esteemed position. In a short time span, Olayer hair straightener company makes better quality and integrating Nano technology in its wide range of hair styling tools products. The demand for healthy hair products […]

How to buy hair straightener

You may become very confused and unsure when the time will come to choose the best hair styling tools straightener for your hair type. But before that you need to consider what type of hair you have and another most important is what the length is. After having the knowledge on this you need to […]

How to buy the best hair blow dryer for your hair

How to Choose the Best Hair blow dryer Determining how to choose the best hair blow dryer provides a significant difficulty for girls these days– with new innovations promising to virtually rip the power from the atom and bend it to your will, injecting hair follicles with apparently wonderful powers, it can be hard to […]

Olayer Hair straightener

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a brand name flat iron and the one from Olayer hair straightener company?  Well, you will be happy to know that there is very little difference apart from the name!  As you will a Olayer, or general value product, is usually of the same design quality […]

Why you should Wear A EN149 FFP2 Face Mask

The EN149 FFP2 Face Mask is the ultimate protection for your skin. It protects you from everyday things like pollution and bacteria, but it also protects you from the sun! Since UV rays are harmful to our skin, this face mask will help prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. The FFP2 Face Mask is […]

Plastic Injection Molding in China

Sincere Tech is a privately held plastic mold company based in Dongguan, China. We provide state of the art plastic mold, injection molding, prototype molding, die casting, aluminum die casting service: FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling Services plastic mold and molding manufacturing aluminum die casting CNC machining PolyJet – 3 Dimensional Printing Services SLA – […]


Automotive Molds

When consistency and quality matter, your automotive components that needs automotive molds.  Because we recognize our responsibility to the people who use these products, we have invested heavily in the latest closed loop manufacturing equipment. This ensures unsurpassed part consistency within exceptionally tight molding tolerances -as low as ±0.001. In addition, by employing advanced robotics, […]


Die Cast Dies

CNM Tech Mold manufactures high quality complete zinc and Aluminum die casting dies. Our professional engineers optimize the latest in CAD/CAM software to develop aluminum and zinc die cast dies from both 2D and 3D part designs. From design to final product is a disciplined integrated manufacturing process resulting in a high quality finished product. […]

Metal Injection Molds

MIM and CIM technologies produces the highest quality finished metal and ceramic components by molding metal alloy powder as if it were plastic. High-precision components are molded, often faster and at significant cost savings when compared to alternate methods. GC Mold has been designing and manufacturing high quality high tolerance metal injection molding (MIM) and […]