Executive Management & Business Development

Michael Van Drunen
President, CEO and Founder of ALGIX, LLC, holds a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology and brings significant experience, commercial visibility and key relationships within the dairy, paints and industrial coatings, and household products industries. Through his previous company that he started and built into one of the premier packaging companies in the USA, Mr. Van Drunen has developed strategic relationships with senior executives from high profile companies such as, Mott’s,  Walmart, Unilever, Dean Foods, Sherwin Williams, BASF, Dupont, ECOLAB, Graham Plastics, Berry Plastics among others. Founder of ALGIX.

Jim Foley
Vice President, has 25 years of sales, marketing and finance experience in the packaging industry and has repeatedly been the key player in a business generating $150M of annual revenue. Mr. Foley  is responsible for the Algix financial model as well as managing our sales staff and licensing agreements.


Technical Operations

Ryan W. Hunt
Director of Research and Development and Co-Founder of ALGIX, LLC, holds a B.S. in Physics and a M.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia. Mr. Hunt has been involved with research in the UGA, Biorefining and Carbon Cycling Program.  He has over five years of research experience on algae biomass production, wastewater treatment from agricultural and industrial sources, phyto-hormone research, photosynthetic optimization using LED’s and chlorophyll fluorescence feedback method and system, algae harvesting using flocculation, centrifugation and filtration, downstream processing, drying, milling, pelletization, bioplastic formulation, compounding and conversion of algae via extrusion, compression and injection molding of over 300 algal-based formulations. Ryan has published five journal articles and holds four patents on algae-related technologies.

Mike Mihalik
Director of Engineering, holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an MBA in Management from the University of Akron, and over 30 years of experience developing special machine designs, the last 16 in the high speed packaging industry. Mike has worked for Goodyear, Huffy Bicycles, and Kobelco Stewart Bolling. He has over 20 years of experience in packaging engineering and is responsible for the design and process for the equipment used in the Algix model.

Ron Putt
Director of Field Operations, holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware and the University of California at Berkeley and then spent four years as a nuclear-propulsion-trained officer in the U.S. Navy submarine service. Ron has spent that last twenty years conducting research, development, and engineering in technology startups. Ron conducted an ongoing technical and economic feasibility assessment of algae farming in the southeast. Ron is currently adapting attached-growth algal systems for catfish ponds, to purify and oxygenate the pond water as part of a major effort in the southeast to modernize catfish aquaculture.

Rachel Neal Hunt
Director of Nutraceuticals, holds a Bachelors and Master of Science degrees in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, CT. Rachel has extensive knowledge and experience in nutraceutical products, compositions, and biochemical applications. She has worked at the University of Georgia’s Feed, Water and Soil Analysis Laboratory and is an expert at running analytical services for elemental and pH bio-based samples.

Mark Ashton Zeller
Research Technician, holds B.S. degrees in Biology and Chemistry. He has four years of laboratory teaching experience and two years of research focused on protein modification, genetic engineering, and protein biopolymer synthesis. He recently has formulated and characterized biopolymers for performance characteristics including mechanical and thermal properties.


Sales and Marketing

John Dekker
Sales Manager, with over 25 years experience in direct sales and marketing for a variety of industries. John has been involved in the ALGIX vision since its inception and is our go-t0 man for aligning the product development with commercial needs.

Dean Searles
Dean is currently the Director of Client Services for VARDA Inc. He is also a Marketing Consultant with years of experience in the polymer and plastics industry working as a Global Marketing Manager, Product Manager and Applications Specialist.