The demand for bio-based plastics is increasing by at least 14% every year according to key market sources, and the total bioplastic market reached $15 billion in 2010. Government figures predict the bioplastic market could reach up to 50% of the plastic market by 2020. The coupling of renewable biomass production from algae using agricultural/industrial waste streams with bioplastic production for biodegradable/compostable bioplastics serves both the interests of resource management in industry and sustainability for society and government.

Companies interested in bioremediation and algae production using on-farm effluents to improve the profitability of their livestock farms, such as dairies, can contact our biological engineers to discuss opportunities in deploying algae cultivation systems that produce biomass suitable for bioplastic conversion.

Companies interested in improving their product’s eco-image can engage with our research engineers to investigate the use of our ALGANIX bio-resins for use in their green packaging applications.

Companies interested in collaboration, investment opportunities or product design can contact our customer services at for further information.