PLASTIC Mold Development

We build a broader range of palstic molds for a broader range of industries than most of our competitors, and the technology exchange gives us a diversity not found elsewhere .The philosophy of competing is what has made us the best at what we do.

A total awareness of what our customers require to bring their product to market, is key to creating a coordinated plan to ensure that we will fulfill their requirements and exceed expectations.

Most of our staff is cross-trained, and though we do have specialists, most of our staff can work on any machine tool in the shop. This is golden for us because it ensures that jobs will continue to progress through the shop because our people can switch to any machine at any time.

The challenge, more often than not, is in navigating through a paperwork, required by our customers, that accompanies every job, to get the job built on time and include all the change orders and documentation which have impacted the mold build from the inception.

We are inspired by tradition, committed to innovation and we share our customer’s passion for creativity. We know there are other mold makers out there, but for us they just don’t share the enthusiasm of a new project the same as we do.

We sell service and we also build plastic molds.