You may become very confused and unsure when the time will come to choose the best hair styling tools straightener for your hair type. But before that you need to consider what type of hair you have and another most important is what the length is. After having the knowledge on this you need to consider a few things to choose the best hair straightener. Hair straightener buying guide will help you a lot.

How to buy hair straightener – CRITERIA 01 – YOUR BUDGET

If you are considering about the price then don’t worry. You can go for up to $150 for your flat iron. Again you can also go for the similar model with the same quality around $70-$80. These models are cheaper though they did not contain the tourmaline technology. There is also some good quality flat iron available which is only made from ceramic technology.

How to buy hair straightener – CRITERIA 02 – FLAT IRON SIZE

While considering the best hair straightener the next important thing is the size. If you take the heavy flat iron then it might be difficult for you to use. You might twist up while straightening. But if you take a light weight flat iron it would be easy to use. But if your hair is short then take the heavy one, for long hair try to pick the light weight iron. If you are a traveler then must take littler and light weight flat iron.

How to buy hair straightener – CRITERIA 03 – SUITABLE PLATES SIZE

If you have fine or natural straight hair then go for the plates which is 1” – 1.5” wide plates. Most hair is suits on this width plates. If your hair is short then use the 1 inch width plates. Again 2” flat irons are best for long, thick and curly hair.

There are also various plates made from ceramic, tourmaline, ionic, steel etc. Never go for the metal plated flat irons. For natural black hair ceramic or titanium plates are too great. Though it might be expensive but it might be negligible when you consider about the damage.

buy ceramic flat iron is better hair styling tools.

How to buy hair straightener – CRITERIA 04 – TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM

Most of the styling flat irons contain the flexible temperature control system. But while styling your hair you never need to use the more heat which is not suitable for your hair type. The middle temperature which suits on most hair type and never causes any damage is between 300-380 degrees F. if the hair is damaged or chemically treated then the lowest temperature would be fine in order to cut down the damage. For thick curly or super curly hair the best temperature would be between 380-450 degrees F.

How to buy hair straightener – CRITERIA 05 – AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF SYSTEM

If you have the habit to forget the turn off switch after straightening then you must go for the flat iron with an automatic turn off system. It prevents to create any firing situation. auto shut off hair styling tools will be one of the safety hair irons.

How to buy hair straightener – CRITERIA 06 – OTHER SIDES

There are many flat irons in the market which comes and attached with brushes or combs. Always these might not be the best one for you. You can go for the professional flat iron if this is the first time for you to choose. The truth is that though the plates are made from ceramic or titanium but most of them are made from aluminum and ceramic coated. After using for several times the ceramic coats comes off and the as usual the plates pulls your hair and causes the damage.