When consistency and quality matter, your automotive components that needs automotive molds. 

Because we recognize our responsibility to the people who use these products, we have invested heavily in the latest closed loop manufacturing equipment. This ensures unsurpassed part consistency within exceptionally tight molding tolerances -as low as ±0.001.

In addition, by employing advanced robotics, closed loop process control, and real time SPC and quality monitoring of process variables, we optimize molding efficiency costs on all our presses. For our Just-In-Time customers, each shipment of bar coded parts arrives as scheduled.

Over the past ten years we have established Accutech Plastics as the preferred source for close-tolerance, high-precision plastic component fabrication.

Since opening our doors in 1988, we have held – and exceeded – the highest expectations and quality requirements for ourselves and our staff.

This dedication has rewarded Accutech with a 20 percent annual growth rate and a history of exceptional financial stability. But our clients benefit, too, from our expert design and engineering capabilities as well as our precision injection molding service for  injection molding automotive parts, medical plastic molding, etc

Our commitment can make a different for your company, just as it did for U.S. Tsubaki. When U.S. Tsubaki won General Motors’ prestigious Vendor of the Year award, the company, in turn, named Accutech its Vendor of the Year for being instrumental in the winning project.